“The only thing that you Absolutely have to know,Is the location of the library” By Albert Einstein.

A library can be considered a store – house of knowledge. In dictionaries the word “library” has been defined as “a building or room containing a collection of books .Academic library is collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing, it provides physical or digital access to material like books ,periodicals and magazines , newspapers, prints, documents etc.


“Education and Library” is inseparable indivisible concepts, both being fundamentally and synchronically related to and co existent with each other. One cannot be separated from the other, if one dies as soon as the other will perishes. So library plays a vital role in education and in promoting the power of knowledge. Education cannot exist alone in the absence of library.

About HKBK Degree college Library and Information Center

HKBK Degree College was started in 1997 with the vision “To provide continuous access to the Knowledge and Information in the Library to the students and faculty of the Institute for achieving excellence in their chosen disciplines.” This Library is a resource center for teaching, learning & research. Being the heart of the academic center, it is home for all the information services. It plays a proactive role in enabling access to information resources of all kind and providing innovative, responsive and effective services to meet the changing needs of the academic community. The major objective of our library is to provide “Right Information/knowledge to the right users at the right time.”

The information is facilitated in different media like all the recommended books for the courses, including periodicals, many databases that are available for searching by internet. The e-journals and e-books are handy resources that are accessible to all official beneficiaries like students, teachers and researchers. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available for reference in the library. Trained staff is always at hand to assist students.

The Library holds a hybrid collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, CDs/DVDs, e-books, e-journals, reports, course materials; previous years question papers, Bound Volumes, Project Reports, case studies, conference proceedings, training manuals, etc. Currently the library holds over 5000 books, printed journals, provides access to Electronic Resources, newspapers and business magazines, and also has Institution membership of DELNET.

Library Services

  • Circulation Services
  • References Services
  • Reservation services
  • Reprographic services
  • Inter library loan services
  • Alerting services
  • Referral services Etc…..


Library Timings

  • Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 4:30 PM
  • Saturday - 8:30 to 2:00PM



+91 89511 99719