Our Values

The underlying philosophy of HKBK Degree College is generated from the very noble idea of enlightenment through knowledge. We put uncompromising efforts in realizing the philosophy. We believe true knowledge comes from innovation and innovation is the child of exposure. So, our efforts are aligned to provide maximum exposure to our students, that triggers innovative instinct and illuminate their life with knowledge and raise the career graph to the pinnacle of success.



The basic objective of the Institution is to build up a group of young men and women who would be agents of change in society and work towards a world of Fraternity, Equality and Justice.

Social Concern

Preparing persons for the service of others is the aim of education in HKBK Degree College. Students are encouraged to join NSS for involvement in issues of public concern and to develop social consciousness. Our students are trained to be sensitive to the poor and be persons of concern, compassion and conscience.

Character Formation

Character development is an essential aspect of education. Essential to any character formation is self-discipline. The rules of discipline in the Institution are meant for social well-being, order and harmony.



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